Cabo San Lucas – Beach & Desert ATV Tour

This Baja California ATV adventure takes you deep into the desert and riverbeds of Wild Canyon. Explore miles of breathtaking land as you race up the narrow paths of a sandy creek bed, climb mountainside paths and ride down to a canyon-bottom oasis.

You’ll be given all the appropriate equipment and receive detailed safety instructions. Then you’ll be given the keys so that you can get a feeling for your 1 or 2-passenger ATV on a test ride along the practice circuit which includes all the challenges and obstacles you’ll find during your tour.

Once your practice ride is concluded, you’ll start your tour of 5 different areas: ocean view, arroyo, beach, canyon, and mountain. By experiencing these 5 different types of terrain, you’ll get a good idea of what Baja off-road is all about. Your professional guide will make sure you have an unforgettable tour by taking you along routes that are appropriate for your driving skills and preferences.

End this tour with the unique opportunity to drive the Los Cabos Canyon Bridge, a 1082-foot-long hanging wooden bridge.

After your ATV tour, you can enjoy a delicious meal a chef will have prepared for you at the Lion’s Den Restaurant (at your own expense).


  • Experience the thrill of an off-road ATV adventure in the Cabo’s varied landscapes
  • Explore the natural beauty of Baja California
  • Take in beautiful panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez
  • Ride along beaches, through forests, and over streams
  • Drive along the Los Cabos Canyon Bridge, longest hanging bridge of its kind

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