Ready to earn great commissions on Cruise and Hotel reservations? 

We are extremely happy to inform you that our Affiliate’s website has been renovated!

• Improved tracking of your sales
• Friendly dashboard, where you can track the traffic that you are referring to our website in real-time.
• It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a website, your unique affiliate link will send your clients/referrals to an identical LLV Website, and all the reservations made through your link will generate a commission for you. It’s all incredibly easy.
• Our Affiliate software also works as a booking engine; you can make, confirm, and charge reservations directly on our platform (no cost for you).
• Your clients can take advantage of our exclusive promotions in real-time, immediately as are published on our website, forget about running to make updates on your site!
• We store cookies for 1 year on all clients you send to the website, this ensures a long-term opportunity to receive a commission- if they don’t buy at that moment, but return to our site later, the commission will be yours!


How does it work?


• We work under a commission structure of 10% for all the LLVClub events and cruises.
• Commissions are earned from every confirmed, realized reservation.
• Commissions are paid out approximately 15-30 days after the guest checks out.


Get ready to book and earn with LLVClub!

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This is the perfect opportunity to make money while working from home or anywhere you are. It doesn’t matter if you are not a travel agent, or if you don’t have a website. Do you want to sell our products and earn extra money? You just have to join us. We will provide you numerous tools: The booking engine + reservations follow up, 24/7 Customer Service support to solve any issues or questions that you or your clients might have about our events + a professional and effective back office for your business. You’ll have access to banners, posters, promotional videos, etc. that you can post on your social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) or even share with your friends through WhatsApp.


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Amazing destinations experience exhilarating adventures, personal connections, cultural discoveries and tantalizing gastronomy.

Some very special places on earth seem to be forged for the curious and adventurous souls who demand diversity and grandeur in their travels. For those who venture for out-of-the-ordinary, majestic and lush places, with a sensual atmosphere, LLV Club has prepared many experiences that you just can’t find anywhere else.

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After years discovering the lack of a luxurious, high-quality adults-only travel experiences, we began our mission to realize your dreams and fantasies, without ever sacrificing the comforts of home. You want to get away, but there’s no reason you should have to give up the basic comforts of home. We believe this because WE are travelers. Having experienced all of our destinations ourselves, we know how to make it the most luxurious, comfortable and unforgettable vacation you’ll remember. And our clients agree! That’s why nearly ALL of our clients come back, again and again, to experience the ultimate in hospitality and luxury.

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