Port Canaveral – Manatee and Dolphin Kayaking Tour

Our fully guided kayak tours include expert guidance on the shore and water where we will be with you for the entire course of the activity.  You’ll receive individual guidance as necessary to get into and out of your vessel, and get help with simple instruction too.  No experience necessary.  And if you are an experienced paddler, we’ll only help when asked.

On this trip, you’ll enjoy relaxed manatee and dolphin viewing as well as other marine wildlife at your pace, paddling along natural mangrove shorelines, marine islands, and tidal flats.  Frequent sightings include manatees, dolphins, jumping fish, otters, shorebirds, diving birds, birds of prey (osprey, bald eagles) and occasionally bottom marine life such as crabs, rays, skates, fish and more.  No matter what the sightings though, you’ll have a great time learning about Florida lagoons and enjoying a quiet paddle in paradise.



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