Miami – South Beach

If so-be was any cooler, it’d freeze into ice, and that wouldn’t daunt the rollerblades here one bit; they’d just put on their ice skates. Celebrity, hippy or groupie or just a plain tourist, you’ll find this lovely and long strip of sand a nightlife paradise even in the day. Boutiques, shacks, and nightclubs line the beach in their hundreds. The beach owes its liveliness to the thriving LGBT community here, which revitalized and restored the dilapidated attractions in the 1990’s from a long socio-economic decline.

Festivals are held throughout the year, whether it’s the Marathon, the Fashion Week, or an International Film Festival. People watching is a long-standing delight here, guys and girls alike come to show off sculpted physiques. So get in shape and strut your stuff along this lovely stroll or swim in the bright blue shallows or visit the funky Art Deco hotels and restaurants. Anything goes.

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